Research has shown that YK-11 is known to be the most powerful SARM and is more
anabolic and androgenic than some steroids without the negative side effects.
YK-11 like other SARMs binds to the androgen receptor in muscles and produces
drastic increases in muscle. The chemical also inhibits follistatin which in
turn inhibits myostatin which is a protein that limits the growth of muscular
tissues therefore while present the chemical can actually alter genetic potential
to build muscle tissue. Because of selectivity of YK-11 it shows strong anabolic
effects in building muscle at a rapid speed but also it doesn’t act on androgen
receptors on other parts of the body thus producing no side effects on estrogen
or on the liver. Summing everything up YK-11 is great for those building lean muscle
mass and gives muscle building potential that otherwise would be genetically limited.

oxo-19-norpregna-4,20-diene-21-carboxylic acid
methyl ester

The bodybuilding community’s interest in YK11 stems from the fact that it promises to offer quick muscle gains without any of the side effects that everyone hates.

In a cellular study that was conducted to determine the action and effects of YK11, it was found that this drug can increase muscle mass by escalating the growth of follistatin (a myostatin inhibitor); a well-known muscle-building protein.

Another study suggests that it has the potential to stimulate bone-building proteins to help improve bone health. Bodybuilders who’ve used YK can attest to its incredible ability to stimulate fat loss while increasing muscle gains with no observable side effects. But with no animal or human studies to back these claims, there’s no telling how accurate they are.

Like other SARMs, YK-11 is a banned substance according to the World Anti-Doping Agency, which means it’s off-limits for competing bodybuilders and athletes alike.

Most users refer to YK11 as a SARM for lack of a better word to describe it. But based on the research I have done it seems to be different.

Some say it is a myostatin inhibitor. However, it still isn’t really clear whether it is actually a selective androgen receptor modulator.

According to the few studies that have been conducted, it has a very discriminating effect on androgen receptors, whereas SARMs work directly through androgen receptors without exhibiting any selective qualities.

YK11 has a similar chemical structure to DHT and this is shown by the way it binds to androgen receptors. The body produces DHT naturally for the purpose of promoting prostate health, hair growth, and appropriate puberty development.

If we were to class YK11 as a SARM then it would be the strongest and most potent of its kind on the market. That’s because it only activates androgen receptors partially, which causes catabolic androgenic activity to shoot through the roof. In addition, YK11 is known as a myostatin inhibitor.

Researchers did a cell study to find out how it works to build muscle. The results show that it simply aims to increase follistatin levels. Follistatin is another naturally occurring protein in the human body which helps keep myostatin in check. Myostatin is a hormone whose job is to curtail unbridled muscle growth.

So far, only YK11 has the ability to inhibit myostatin.

Further evidence suggests that YK11 can also promote bone growth by interfering with a gateway that functions like DHT.

  1. Increases Muscle Size

    While YK11 is not a SARM per se, it has an incredible ability to stimulate muscle growth. It’s said to be as strong as S23.

    That’s because it naturally increases follistatin levels which in turn enhances your body’s ability to produce muscle cells. Follistatin is also responsible for suppressing myostatin, thus opening you up to the possibility of limitless muscle growth. But if follistatin effects are inhibited in any way, then myostatin inhibition cannot happen, which would render YK11 ineffective.

    Not to sound like a broken record but there are no human or animal studies to back the data on this compound.

    All we have is anecdotal evidence based on bodybuilder reviews on online forums. What they tell us is that they’ve been able to experience significant fat reduction and 15 lbs worth of lean muscle gains in a short amount of time.

    1. Strengthens Bones

    Sex hormones are essential for maintaining strong and healthy bones. Available evidence shows that YK11 may increase bone strength by binding itself to androgen receptors, which is similar to what most SARMs do.

    YK11 can also increase the amount of activated PKB (protein kinase B) present in the body’s cells which facilitates the growth of bone cells.

    Let’s not forget that you want to have strong, healthy muscles and bones to avoid fractures. It may be able to assist in this regard as well because it’s very effective at building muscle, supporting bone health and mitigating the effects of bone fragility.​

Bodybuilders who’ve used YK11 say that taking it in dosages of 10 to 15 mg per day works just fine for them. Others have reported positive effects on 5 mg per day.

I can’t really say anything about dosages. But most seem to research with a rather low dosage. There have been no reported side effects regardless of the dosage.

Most users cycle it for 4 to 8 weeks. You’ll also find users that stack different SARMstogether.

YK11 doesn’t have an established half-life because there are very limited data available on it.

However, most users like to split it into two dosages per day to maximize its half-life and stabilize the drug.

For even better results, users recommend stacking it with other SARMs like RAD-140 or Andarine, while lowering the YK11 dose to 5 mg per day.

Personally, I wouldn’t suggest stacking SARMs together. It will definitely increase the risk of side effects.

So far, only cellular studies have been conducted on YK11.

There’s no clinical evidence or even animal studies to back any of the claims that are being made about the drug.

This should make you think twice about researching with this compound. Perhaps you should check out different compounds such as Ostarine and Ligandrol. They have a lot more information and research available.

It is said that YK11 can be toxic to the liver. Hypothetically speaking, it may affect hair growth, vocal cord, prostate health and other important organs in the body.

YK11 is one of the strongest compounds available right now and it has very powerful effects. But since we don’t have enough information on it, we can’t exactly compare it to a SARM just yet.